(with Joan Osborne)
weekends & fill-ins

Jeff Gonzer


November 12th

Born: Newark, NJ
Raised: Los Angeles

Briefly at KLSX (yuk), WZLX Boston for several years, KMET LA from 1976 to 1986, KLOS LA from 1972-1976, KPPC LA's first FM underground rock station.

Bruce Springsteen, food, work, my children, cars.

Bad bagels, slow drivers, disrespectful people, Dodgers, auto insurance rates.

Grateful Dead, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Jethro Tull. Tull opened, Paul Butterfield headlined.

There has always been a place on the dial for music fans to meet. KSCA is that place in 1995. Music is truly inspirational... since joining KSCA I have re-discovered the power of music. I am very grateful... (but not dead!).