(with actor Rip Taylor)

Merilee Kelly

Skye St. Foxx

Libra/Scorpio cusp


Radio in Boston at WBOS and WFNX, and tons of college radio.

Song lyrics, Lynda Barry comics, harmonies and melodies, and restaurant menu typos.

Bad phone etiquette, rotten bananas, daytime T.V. talk shows.

Cape Cod Coliseum, with my older brother, 1978? The Cars, Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes, and The Outlaws (or some other southern rock band!).

Since I can't limit myself to five desert island disks, here's some of what I'd put on my 5 ninety minute desert island cassettes:

  1. Shawn Colvin - Polaroids
  2. Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend Album
  3. Tom Petty - Everything
  4. The Replacements - Everything
  5. World Party - Everything
  6. Crowded House - Everything
  7. Bob Dylan - Desire Album
  8. Sinead O'Connor - Everything
  9. Springsteen - First two albums
  10. Big Star - Everything
  11. John Lennon - Love
  12. Thomas Dolby - The Flat Earth Album
  13. Radiohead - Creep
  14. Michelle Shocked - Arkansas Traveler Album

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