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Terry Gladstone

Terry Hope Gladstone

January 6th

Oak Park, Michigan. Been in California since 1976

I've worked at a lot of the rock stations in L.A. - some still here, some have disappeared. KLOS, KMET, KNX FM, KNAC, KEZY AM & FM, & KLSX. Also, KGB in San Diego.

Obsessions isn't really a word that I associate with. Passionate would be more like it. I'm passionate about my son Lindsey, being with people I love, writing music and recording. I am passionate about people and about the belief that we're all connected. I'm passionate about helping people, and music.

The preponderance of prejudice, bigotry, government officials who take advantage of their positions, wars, the fact that we cannot use reason, heart, and soul to solve political issues, the judicial system.

THE BEATLES - Olympic Arena, Detroit, '64. I still have pictures from the event.

I love working at a station that is always evolving. I love working at a station that is conscientious about the messages that it communicates. I'm not into censorship, but I wish more artists thought of music as a way to lift people's spirits, and that they took more responsibility for that.

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