89 Toyota Supra Turbo

More about the car:

I bought it in November 2000 as a project car, with 141,000 miles on odometer.

As-is condition: leaky head gasket, leaking clutch fluid, power steering fluid, inoperative A/C and heat, intermittent electrical problems on combination meter, minor dings on front fenders, no thermostat installed(!).

Blown head gasket (BHG) in May 2001 at 147,000 miles.

Used engine installed July 2001 with new seals, new timing belt, new water pump, new thermostat, new clutch disc. Boost only making it up to +4 psi on the stock gauge.

Replaced a lot of cracked or leaking vacuum lines, turbo air intake "accordion" hose. Boost is up to +4.5 psi.

October 2001: first non-Toyota mod! Installed Porsche (Bosch) turbo blowoff valve (BOV) as upgrade and repair. Stock Toyota BOV was completely shot, not restricting intake air at all. Boost has returned to near stock level… almost +6 psi.

November 2001: Next mod… shim the wastegate! Added a three washer thickness shim to the turbo wastegate and reassembled everything. Test drive was fast and fun with the extra punch that the +7.5 psi turbo boost was now providing.

November 2001 (again): The sound of the engine seemed to loud: at low RPM the engine was noisy, and when cold, at 3000 - 3500 RPM a high pitched screeching was developing. It was the idler pulley for the A/C compressor belt. The pulley was replaced by the local mechanic ( I had neither tools nor time ). That solved the screeching noise. The low RPM noise was still there and now it really bothered me. I decided to replace the stock cooling fan with an electric fan and thermostat. One weekend of work and the engine now runs smoother when cold and low speeds, it's a LOT quieter, and I'm getting more power.

January 2002: Electrical repairs and more...

September-November 2002: Engine replaced, BHG #2. The car was performing poorly in hot conditions. With no A/C load, on a flat road, the engine temperature was rising at a mere 2400 RPM, about 65 mph, in 108F ambient air temperature heat. The engine cooling was not functioning well, and led to a small but significant 2nd blown head gasket.

April 2003: Freeway Tire Blowout and more...


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